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Requirements for dog/cat to Thailand?

  1. The owner for Dog/Cat must have 2 documents which are the import permit and the health certificate.
  2. There are 3 forms of the requirements how to obtain the import permit for the dog/Cat to Thailand. (Require 1-2-2, Require 2-2-1, and Formulaire)
  3. After the owner has filled in the form No 1/1, please send it by e-mail together with the documents from your veterinarian to the Animal Quarantine Station in Thailand, at or Tel +662-134 0731.

  1. The e-mail is must also included (1) a photo of the dog/Cat, (2) a copy of owner’s passport, (3) owner’s address in Belgium and in Thailand and (4) The date and flight number of the departure and return.
  2. If the dossier is complete, the Thai authority will send him by return the import permit for his dog/cat. If not, they may require for more document and test.

(Please send your request at least 3 weeks in advance)

  1. This import permit must accompany your dog/cat to Thailand with another document which is the health certificate (original document) issued by the Belgian authority, within 10 days before the departure (for the health certificate, please contact UPC Belgium for more info at or Tel. +322-211 9200)

VERY IMPORTANT – the health certificate in question must be filled in by an approved veterinarian (de erkende dierenarts) only, and has to be legalized by AFSCA. If not, the dog/cat could be detained or refused at the animal quarantine area at the Airport in Thailand.